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Becoming an expert in wine is a serious task, but drinking awesome wine shouldn’t have to be. As lucky inhabitants of the UK, we all have access to the best wines from every corner of the globe. The downside of so much choice? It’s daunting. You shouldn’t have to pass your Master Sommelier exam or spend a small fortune to snag a great bottle of juice for drinking on a Tuesday night.


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Jake is just the kind of person you want to do business with, no matter how far away you are, and the recipient of the wine is... He is an expert who clearly loves fine wine, understands it, and is exceptionally knowledgeable in the pursuit of enjoying it! :)

Amanda JK | Jun 21

An interesting selection of award winning wines at competitive prices with an easy to navigate website. Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff that makes using Vino Gusto a complete pleasure. A local business that deserves huge success. Thank you!

Gill C | Jan 21

Our Story

Vino Gusto was founded out of necessity in the (not so) great lockdown of 2020. Born from an independent pub company with an award-winning wine list, it seemed logical to us not to sit on our hands, but to use the previously undiscovered luxury of time to do something that we love. In the following months whilst the world was standing still, we opened a pop up wine shop, increased our wine list from 50 to 250+ bottles, won a national award for our efforts, and sold a lot of wine.

We’re now set to open our first retail shop in our beautiful hometown of Bury St Edmunds, later in 2021.

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