Vino Gusto

Tastings & Events

These tastings have a focus on consumption and conversation. Dry, snooty wine tastings are a thing of the past. You'll learn a little, drink well and chat a lot. Some of the tastings will get a bit nerdy (in a fun way) and some will be an excuse for us to open up some great bottles and drink with good people. See individual events for more information.

Private & bespoke tastings

If you're looking to book a private tasting for a group, do get in touch. We'd love to help make your vinous dreams come true. Whether you're looking for a private masterclass from a Master of Wine, or you're a Hen Do trying to start the night off right, we'd love to take you on a delicious journey.

Ideally we require a group of eight - twelve to make a private booking work, but do get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Naturally your chosen theme will guide the price, but the below themes give you an idea.

Enquire now.

Here are a few suggested themes, but let us know if you have something in mind:

New World Vs Old World

We're not taking sides, and neither should you! This is the ultimate showdown... light vs dark; tradition vs innovation; old vs new. Come and explore some of the principle grape varieties from their spiritual home and compare them against modern classics from the new world.

From £45 per person

- Eight wines
- Includes nibbles

WTF is Natural Wine?

Disclaimer... We're probably not going to give you a definitive answer. Most Winos disagree on the subject. What we will do however is tackle the subject without getting too weird about it. We'll taste some outstanding natty juice and explore the movement.

From £45 per person

- Six wines
- Includes nibbles

Get Fizzy with it

A delicious journey through some of the worlds classic sparkling wine producing regions, as well as bubbles from off the beaten track. From fun & fresh to funky & complex.

From £45 per person

- Six wines
-Includes nibbles
(but oh boy can we go posher if you want to level up the fizz)

Enomatic Machine
Self-Serve Wine Tasting

Fancy a super informal wine tasting?

Pop in anytime the shop is open to taste from our Enomatic machine. There will always be a selection (changed weekly) of eight wines open to taste. Simply purchase a tasting card in store and enjoy a 'help yourself' style tasting.

The team are on hand to explain the machine and take you through the wines if you wish, but otherwise grab a glass and away you go. This is essentially a walk-around tasting, but there are a few stools and tables if you'd like to take a seat and enjoy the wines with some olives in our beautiful space.

No need to book, just turn up! If you'd like to talk about hosting an informal tasting like this for a larger group out of hours, then get in touch.

We will always have a few great value wines and some special juice on the machine. A £10 credit is a good start allowing a taste of most wines, but we can always top you up if you're after a few glasses of the good stuff.

Corporate Services

Looking to take the team out of the office and have a laugh (team bonding over a glass of wine or two... What could go wrong?!)? Please get in touch. We'd love to help out.